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Illex Fishing SA is a fishing company based in Argentina. We mainly operate in Mar del Plata and Puerto Madryn. The company owns and manages 3 jigger vessels, two factories and a coldstorage besides managing a fourth jigger vessel. 

Our main products are: red argentinian shrimp, illex squid and yellow croaker.  


Company was created by mid 2000’s, Chinese investment. Started operating mainly in yellow croaker in Mar del Plata area. It grew by investing in the shrimp business in Patagonia, purchasing a factory Puerto Madryn – Chubut province – in which we process almost exclusively the shrimp. Lately investments were focused on the illex squid business. 


We mainly process, whole round illex squid but we also do some clean tubes and tentacles.

Then, we process head on shell on shrimp (2 kgs, 800 grs, 400 grs boxes); head less shell on shrimp (6 kgs, 2 kgs, iqf bags); and also PD & PDTO.

Lastly, yellow croaker, whole round in 7 kgs blocks.

We know how to manage seafood, we are strong and trustworthy supplier. We are customer-oriented. We know about processing and quality. We are a very good quality supplier.


We currently have strong partners that supply the raw material, we know about the quality that the markets need. We are export-oriented, fulfilling the requests of international markets. We are well known in Chinese and other Asian markets. Quality and confident supplier are our values. We believe in long-term relationships. We have been supplying to EU, USA, China, Thailand, South Korea, Nigeria, Cameroon and more. 


Haijun Xu,  Owner

Tomas Gerpe, Manager.

Adrian Buonvicino: Exports

Victoria Franco: Exports

Hernan Curzi: Operations.

Margarita SUN: China office


We process in two facilities:

1. Mar del Plata – Marejada: Mainly focused on yellow croaker and illex reprocessing. It has 4 blast tunnels + a gyrofreezer + iqf tunnel. It can freeze 60+tons/day. It can process about 5000+ MTons/year. It is being certified under BRC standard.

2. Puerto Madryn – NOVAFISH: it process mainly shrimp. Yearly it can process 6000+ MTons. Its being certified under BRC standard.

3. Mar del Plata – MARAJO: It is a coldstorage at seaport dock. Storage capacity is 1500+ MTons.


We know how to process seafood and we know we can be your trustworthy supply from Argentina, export-oriented, quality-wise managed company. We can be your reliable sourcing partner in Argentina for sure! 





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